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Oil & Gas

HP gives you the confidence that your workstations are ready for your oil and gas applications. HP works closely with software vendors to make sure their exploration and production applications run optimally on HP Z Workstations. HP is right for the industry — offering expandable, high-performance desktop and mobile workstations, global product availability, a global service and support ecosystem, and systems that are designed for easy servicing.

Push the Limits of Your Oil & Gas Applications with HP Z Workstations

With multi-core processing power, large memory capacities, high-end graphics options, and innovative PCIe-based SSD storage solutions, HP Z Workstations are built for the challenges of data-intensive applications for oil and gas exploration and production. HP also brings you tested applications and easy serviceability, plus global delivery, service and support for both desktop and mobile workstations.

  • Landmark DecisionSpace
  • Schlumberger Petrel, Geoframe
  • Paradigm 14
  • IHS Kingdom, Petra
  • ffA – GeoTeric
  • DrillingInfo Transform
  • Emerson Roxar RMS
  • Headwav Headwave Core
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